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Organic Breakthrough –
making space for lo-fi renditions,
redeeming dismembered sounds “from afar”
happening in a desynchronised time frame
for all chaotic natural beings.

"My contribution to FoEG, 2015, explores how sound physically manifests itself – how signals are strengthened and assigned a kind of "body", according to the sonic setup you choose, and how this takes form and connects to the spatial architectural surroundings. In other words how space shapes and creates sound.

In this context I have chosen to let a so-called lo-fi trash sound take shape in a small enclosed room, adjacent to the space where the concerts take place. The sound is picked up by microphones on the stage and then sent through long wires to the annex room. Here the sound is amplified again in the cheapest of fashions, reducing the original timbre of the sound to an alternative aesthetic experience.
The microphones on stage are consciously placed to create a kind of musical imbalance, and the focus is tilted away from a harmonic sound-setup to a more playful, spontaneous one in which sounds are primarily heard from a worm's perspective
Finally it was made possible for the viewer/listener to interact with the soundscape and alter the entire sound experience by manipulating with the different dials of the the three amplifiers as shown in the video above."